About IDEAlog14

IDEAlog14 accompanies the fourteenth  edition of The Challenge of Democracy: Government in America, a college textbook written by Kenneth Janda, Jeffrey Berry, Jerry Goldman, Deborah Schildkraut, and Paul Manna (Boston: Cengage, 2017).

The original version of the IDEAlog program was released in 1989. It was inspired by The World's Smallest Political Quiz, a computer program that explained the libertarian political philosophy. We thank Marshall Fritz and the Advocates for Self-Government for ideas and assistance in developing IDEAlog.

IDEAlog was written originally for personal computers by Dennis Hartman. David Andrew and Andrew Kalai revised IDEAlog to accept new data. In 1992, the PC version of IDEAlog won the Computer Software Award, Instructional Category, of the Computers and Multimedia Section of the American Political Science Association.

The Internet application of IDEAlog was created in 2001 by Mythryn, LLC, of Chicago, Illinois. It won the 2005 Computer Software Award of the APSA. IDEAlog 9.0, a complete rewrite of the previous version, was developed by Mark Begale and Andrew Suprenant.

IDEAlog10 was redesigned and reprogrammed by Lukasz Hankus and the Nonstopworkshop in Poland. IDEAlog12 was reprogrammed by Ora-Tech Systems. We thank Farhad Fatakia for his support.



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