IDEAlog is a 20 question quiz designed to analyze political ideology.  This version, IDEAlog15, was created in January, 2023.  It uses all new questions from national surveys in 2020-2022.

IDEAlog is designed to stimulate student thinking on issues that underlie contemporary political views. It consists of three components:

  • An Introduction that defines the program's purpose.
  • A Tutorial that explains the traditional liberal-conservative labels, introduces a two-dimensional ideological typology, and asks students to classify themselves according to the four-fold ideology typology described in THE CHALLENGE OF DEMOCRACY by Kenneth Janda, Jeffrey Berry, Deborah Schildkraut, and Paul Manna.
  • The Self-Test that requires students to answer twenty questions—drawn from national surveys—which are equally divided between the conflict of individual freedom vs. social order, and the conflict of individual freedom vs. social equality. Based on their responses, students are classified into one of four ideological types. Their ideological scores are then compared with the scores for the public's responses to the same twenty questions. The QUESTIONS AND ALTERNATIVES come from the national surveys, not from IDEAlog's creators.

Instructors will not have access to students' individual responses or summed scores. Instructors will only be able to view aggregate class scores.